This section presents a group of documents that are very valuable in terms of experience and good practices shared by important actors let those be European projects, experiences from America and also from developing countries.

For communication in general it is important that person B is able to understand what person A is saying. For this common understanding one needs a common ground, a basic lexicon with an awareness of the meaning of things. From this point on one can start reasoning. In order to support scholarly communication with the use of repositories, repositories should speak the same language and it is therefore essential to create a common ground.In technical terms we create a common ground by conducting "interoperability". Interoperability can be managed at different layers. In the DRIVER Guidelines we basically try to reach interoperability on two layers, syntactical (Use of OAI-PMH & Use of OAI_DC) and semantic (Use of Vocabularies).


“Open Access” refers to free access to scientific publications over the internet. This concept is the subject of a lively debate among the research community, libraries, publishers and funding bodies.
Researchers and libraries typically support open access, calling for better dissemination of research results as a key ingredient for stimulating innovation and research excellence. Many publishers, on the other hand, are sceptical of open access, warning of the potential negative effects it might have on valuable aspects of the current publishing system, such as peer review. Finally, research funding bodies are investigating open access as a way of improving the return on their investments in research and development. Against the backdrop of this debate, new publishing business models are being developed. Copyright issues, quality assurance and digital preservation are generating further discussion. This handbook intends to inform stakeholders and the society-at-large of the opportunities and challenges surrounding open access, and to promote a broad and inclusive debate on the future of scientific publishing in the European Research Area.

Here is the category where maps generated by specialised software like VUE - Visual User Environment may be found.